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Some tech talks and tips at your convenience for students and parents. You may submit questions through this google form or join a live session. click on my image to zoom.

Are you tired of reading the same Books at home?DO you want print books in your kiddos hands?

Well here is some exciting news!

How Do I 'library' from home?

  1. First: Reserve a book through clever app Alexandria. Click on the place hold image to show you how! OR...

  2. OR Have the librarian shop and select books for you. Fill out the Personal shopper form "Mrs. Z choice board button above" and I will pick out some suggestions for you.

  3. You must Fill out the google form for pick up (only on Wednesdays unless otherwise arranged with me or the office). You can email me at or contact the office to make a reservation.

  4. **If your child places a hold on books, you will need to fill out the 'Library pick up' form to reserve a time. I will prepare the items, place in a bag with student name and you will come to the breezeway on your chosen time frame. Mondays between 3:30-4pm.


  • Reserve some more books as you complete them. You can access ALexandria through clever or clicking on the link in the picture.

  • When you come to pick up the next book pick up, MAKE SURE YOU RETURN THE BOOKS THAT YOU CHECKED OUT THE FIRST TIME! I will quarantine items for 5 days before releasing them for check out again.

Read Ebooks from the comfort of your home online.

Click on image to see how to use mackinvia or see below for more options!


1. MackinVIA is available 24/7! Click here to access. It is available instantly through logging into clever from the HCS links folder.

2. Browse by scrolling the Newest, Top Resources, or Highest Rated on the Home Page.

3. On the left, click Groups, Categories, and eBooks to read.

4. You can Click Audiobooks to access books that can be read to you.

5. Make sure to click Checkout. When you return to MackinVIA, view the book in your backpack.

**You can Access MackinVIA on any device! Download the app and log in with yourHCS username and password.

Tucker capps site: digital resources

click image to go to the TC webpage

on clever

on clever

HCS will be using scholastic literacy pro through clever