Please consult the HCS Instruction and Health Mitigation Plan for current guidelines regarding in-person learning.

Remember to do the Student Health checklist below with your student each morning before school.

Do not send them to school if they answer "yes" to any of the questions. Then contact your child's teacher or the school nurse to report the illness.

Student Health Questionnaire

During times of potential health risk or modified access, it is important students DO NOT enter into any HCS building if they are ill. Please review the following medical issues.

If the student has/answers YES to any questions, he/she may NOT come to school. We require the student to remain home and the parent/guardian contact the school nurse to get further advice. We recommend talking with your student’s medical provider for further guidance, especially if they have several symptoms or are getting worse.

Do you have or have you had any of the following symptoms NOW or in the PAST 14 DAYS?

  • Temperature of 100.4oF or greater sustained for several hours or days?

  • Sustained temperature of 100.4oF or lower with additional symptoms below?

  • Cough (new issue; more than just occasional or asthma related); congestion (nasal and/or sinus)?

  • Shortness of breath (new issue, not a diagnosed medical issue)?

  • Not feeling well; shaking/chills; feeling feverish?

  • Headache (not just occasional; if accompanied with other symptoms no entry should be considered)?

  • Muscle pain all over body (new issue, not a diagnosed medical issue)?

  • Sore throat

  • Vomiting today or within the last three days?

  • Diarrhea today or within the last three days (new issue, not a diagnosed medical issue)?

  • New loss of appetite and/or taste and/or smell?

  • Undiagnosed new skin rash over a moderate percentage of body?

  • Close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or the flu in the last 14 days OR suspected positive but not tested

  • Any family member ill with COVID-like symptoms, should remain home.

If your student answers YES to any of these symptoms,

you should keep your student home!

* Students are required to bring and wear a face covering at all times

while in the building and on a school bus.