Rockets Life

October 2022

  • Pumpkin Book Character Contest and Bully Prevention

We had two winners for our Black History Month door-decorating contest. Dr. Angela Byrd-Wrights celebrates with proud winners from Mr. Johnson's class (left) and Mrs. Glover's class (right). See more door images below.

November 2022

December 2022

Principal Chanda R. Mason welcomes guests to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

HCS School Board Chair Ann Cherry shared thoughts about Hampton-born Mary W. Jackson.

HCS Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Smith speaks to Mary W. Jackson's rich legacy, leading the way in STEM studies.

The grandchildren of Mary W. Jackson share memories of their grandmother and their pride in her accomplishments.

Pictured from left: Dr. Stacie Barreau, Chief, Elementary School Learning, Assistant Principal Jasmin Royal, Principal Chanda R. Mason, and Dr. Jeffrey Blowe, Director, Elementary Education

Pictured from left: Assistant Principal Jasmin Royal, Principal Chanda R. Mason and Dr. Jeffrey Smith

It's official! We are the Mary W. Jackson Fundamental Elementary School.

Continuing the Tradition of Excellence